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i got a Capricorn but i'm a Sagittarius 

So clooose. Telling I'm a Virgo when I'm a Libra.
I don't believe in astrology, but I really like the direction where this game is getting.
The characters are very cute/nice, and the music is interesting. (But tiring after listening in loop after 10')
This is a good start ! Keep it up !

i got aries as a gemini lol

I got aries when i'm a vigro lmaooo

sadly i am a Scorpio and i got Libra :D 

I didn't expect this would be so much fun! I liked the questions and the characters. They said I'm a Pisces but I'm a Gemini, which is understandable because I kept saying "it depends" lol


i'm also a gemini who got pisces because i kept saying it depends!!!! maybe that's a gemini thing to do though.....

They said Gemini....

Im an aquarius-

they said virgo so close im a libra >u<

i got picses but i think its because i said i got out on weekends

Piper is my Favorite

That was very cute and fun! I got Cancer, but my sign is Leo.

To be fair, I don't really act like a Leo hahaha Also, I was born on the 23rd of July, so technically they're wrong only for a day difference XD

Russ' design is so nice. Just looking at him (or them?) so relaxing.

I got Capricorn but I'm a Scorpio. But my Midheaven is in Capricorn so I guess that's I look like to other people.

The pacing is kinda slow but I like the characters so I hope the devs didn't gave up on it..

i got pieces...

im a leo ;-;


I got Virgo even if I'm a Gemini HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA the characters all seem very lovely too I love this <3

I somehow got a Pisces.. whilst being a Taurus lololol ,fun and cute game tho!

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this game rocks! but I would want to also see which zodiac I am most likely to go out with. maybe that could be an idea for a new game you could make. I mean this is called or has 'dating sim' in part of the name, but there wasn't much "dating" going on.


Bro, I got Sagittarius, and I'm a Gemini! Like from Vampire diaries. The Gemini twins

Oh wow, it actually got my sign right, I choose the longer version.


I got Cancer- I'm a Scorpio

I got same but in reverse

how are they right?

I'm not sure if it's supposed to be this way but every dialogue seemed to show up slowly, it made the whole experience slow and not very enjoyable.

I got cancer I'm  a libra

they got mines right..

I got Cancer but I am a Capricorn (I mean Cancer the sign)


I'm a Pisces but I got Scorpio Lmao lol -0-


oh xD I got libra and imlibra lmao


i got a taurus, im an aquarius loll good game tho

Same, but in reverse :)

I got cancer but i'm a pisces hehe :]

i got libra, im a aquarius


i got taurus, i'm a aquarius :D

i got virgo, im a aquarius 


I got Cancer...... I'm a Leo XD

im a leo and i got pieces

I got an Aquarius... I'm a sag...  h o w?


aww. they thought i was an aqaurius...

im a taurusssss.s..sasdjasuhdjaksd

They got it right! I'm a cancer :P

i dont like this i look up what i was it said pices but im feb 12 in beetween jan 20 and feb 18 so tech yes and now im creeped out

They said i'm cancer 20 - 21 forgot month T﹏T 

i'm a aries, 4/6 ^O^

They guessed that I was a Virgo. I'm an Aquarius hahaha but this was really fun! 

I loved the chill vibe of this game, as well as the characters. I'm interested to see more of them in the full game! ♥


BRO they guessed i'm an Aquarius and i'm a Virgo! Our's are just flipped lmao




they said i was a virgo, im an aquarius

Lolol they thought I was a Taurus uwu



I'm a Scorpio uwu

Fun game though! I look forward to the full game, and to interacting more with these great characters c:

Dang! Said I was a pieces, march 20, but my birthday is actually on April 21. Kinda close though! I also love all of the characters designs, which let you kind of guess which one they are!

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