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That was so cute and a lot of fun. I loved the character designs for all of the signs! Unfortunately they didn’t guess correctly (they guessed virgo - i’m actually an aries), but it was still a good time. thanks for making this!

And I think it was Russ who asked if I was okay after I picked melancholy as my word-

ayeeeee kinda surprised but! they got me right :3

I was totally blown away that they got it right. I even felt that I wasn't being totally honest and then they asked if how honest I was... I thought that was hilarious. But, yes, I am in fact an aquarius.

this was totally adorable!! (i love Russ) they got it wrong in the end, I'm a cancer but they thought aries! but tbf 've been told i'm the worst cancer to ever live lol

The exact same thing happened to me! I got aries, lol, guess we both got got!

It's so good and cool! :3 i am cancer and it got correct! luv this :D

I got virgo- Im a taurus ;w;- still  fun , tho i see it got alot of the answers wrong- Great game!


got taurus but im a sag, pretty cool game tho


I got Scorpio, I'm actually a Leo but whatever :D

i got cancer.. as a sag but yk what i like cancers so it doesnt matte

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they got it right xd., i´m a capricorn


the fact that I’m always mistaken for a Pisces even in the quiz but I’m a Leo :P


They guessed Cancer im a Scorpio great game? quiz? whatever you consider it!


I'm an Aries and it thought I was a Scorpio, but it was a lot of fun regardless! I'd love to see these Zodiac characters in a longer game!


Got my own starsign right!


Im Taurus, but got Scorpio .

Anyway it was fun.

I got Virgo but I'm a Pisces lmao

same lol

I'm a leo but it thought I was a sagittarius.

I got Pisces but I'm a Libra :P

i got virgo but im Taurus


I got scorpio but I'm a Gemini ♊

me too

leo, got cap


I would like to know what Zodiac sign Russ represents, his face, when I said my favorite word is melancholy, was adorable, priceless, and squishable but sadly it is my favorite word


ikrrrr I'm wondering that as well!!

I got libra but im a taurus!! Nice game tho <3


The characters were really cute ( also the result was Cancer tho I'm a scorpio 


Ha, complete opposite; got Scorpio when I'm a Cancer.

They guessed Capricorn but I'm an Aries. Lol, I honestly think I'm anything but an Aries

They said Pisces and I'm a Cancer lol.

This was adorable btw!

i got a Capricorn but i'm a Sagittarius 

So clooose. Telling I'm a Virgo when I'm a Libra.
I don't believe in astrology, but I really like the direction where this game is getting.
The characters are very cute/nice, and the music is interesting. (But tiring after listening in loop after 10')
This is a good start ! Keep it up !

i got aries as a gemini lol

I got aries when i'm a vigro lmaooo

I didn't expect this would be so much fun! I liked the questions and the characters. They said I'm a Pisces but I'm a Gemini, which is understandable because I kept saying "it depends" lol


i'm also a gemini who got pisces because i kept saying it depends!!!! maybe that's a gemini thing to do though.....

They said Gemini....

Im an aquarius-

they said virgo so close im a libra >u<

im a virgo but they said i was a libra! 

i got picses but i think its because i said i got out on weekends

Piper is my Favorite

That was very cute and fun! I got Cancer, but my sign is Leo.

To be fair, I don't really act like a Leo hahaha Also, I was born on the 23rd of July, so technically they're wrong only for a day difference XD

Russ' design is so nice. Just looking at him (or them?) so relaxing.

I got Capricorn but I'm a Scorpio. But my Midheaven is in Capricorn so I guess that's I look like to other people.

The pacing is kinda slow but I like the characters so I hope the devs didn't gave up on it..

i got pieces...

im a leo ;-;


I got Virgo even if I'm a Gemini HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA the characters all seem very lovely too I love this <3

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