What's Your Sign is a Visual Novel/Dating sim, with an out of this world twist. This however! Is just a taste for the full game later to come.

In this teaser story, the 12 signs of the Zodiac need your help. But not before getting to know you a little first! This game is a personality quiz where they try to guess...

What's Your Sign?

With the option of a short or long quiz (12 or 24 questions), there's lots of replayability with the various responses you'll get. Get to know all of your astrological faves before you begin your magical adventure together!




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Got Virgo, but the was my rising sign. Mine main sign is gemini <3 and Love this game !

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If anyone's wondering

Reese: Aries

Tammie: Taurus 

Casper: Gemini

Andy: Cancer

Leo: Leo

Virgo: Gil

Libby: Libra

Cory: Scorpio

Sidd: Sagittarius

Rhiannon: Capricorn

Russ: Aquarius

Piper: Pisces

The first character to pop up was reese, which scared me because MY NAME IS REESE.

I'm an Aquarius, but they guessed Pisces. I mean, my birthday is pretty close to Pisces so, I think they got it!


They guessed Aquarius, and I am. Its a pretty cute quiz.


Huh, Capricorn. I'm a Scorpio but tbh I don't know much about Capricorn so idk how much it suits me haha

Hey, same result, same sign


Maybe there's a conspiracy to be made here!

This was very cute! I love the art style!! They guesses Cancer for me, but I'm an Aquarius ♒. Definitely going to try again to see if they guess correctly 😊

Absolutely loved it! A nice chuckle. They guessed me spot on too!

This was so cute! They guesses Gemini for me, but I think that's my ascendant/rising sign, so maybe they're right partially. My sun sign-or real sign, I guess- is a Taurus. I love Piper the most.

they guessed I was a Scorpio i am an Aquarius, my best friend a Scorpio tho.... so is my ex.......... maybe they rubbed off on me a little?

I loved this! They are so freakin adorable. Rhiannon is my personal favorite but Leo is also a lil bean :0000. The responses can get a bit delayed, but that's probably my end (my iMac is considered old according to the ever-changing internet :P) The signs gave me Cancer, which is partly true as it is my Mercury. Had a lot of fun, and I cannot wait until the full thing comes out!

Interesting for sure. They got the right element at least 😂 I'm a scorpio, but they said cancer.

hi, um, this game was really wholesome, cozy, and well done. thank you for this. i was left wanting more and the characters made me feel less alone during social distancing and this whole pandemic... :')

(i'm a scorpio and it guessed me as a cancer which is incorrect but i'm surrounded by a lot of cancers and have lots of times where i am very characteristically similar to cancers) 


I'm a scorpio too and they guess me as a cancer too! At least they got the element? 

haha yeah i guess ;P Honestly I'm not complaining! I loved everything about this no matter the fact that they got my sign wrong.

Got me right, and I spent way too much time working out who was which sign. Still not sure on some.

me b/c of reese:

do youuuu like to fantasize about cute fictional guys, do you like to sob your tears when you realize they aren't real, do you fall in love with them 'cause there's no one else alive that compares to fictional guysssss-

seriously tho i love reese tho hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-


This was pretty fun to play, it even got my zodiac sign correctly which was Capricorn uwu


They couldn't guess right, they said Virgo. But it's alright, that was fun! My real zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Wow, that's a coincidence. I'm a virgo, but they said I was an Aquarius!

Woah, lol.


This game is so simple but so adorable!

Im actually a Scorpio, but the game guessed Cancer. Honestly cool to me because i've been told many times that I slip into a Cancer personality at times!

It guessed the same for me, I'm a Scorpio too. They got the element right at least though?

Whoa, they guessed it right! I'm a cancer. And I actually don't really believe in the Western zodiac that much, but my boyfriend likes to send me posts about it.


Not quite the dating sim I had imagined but I love the variety of characters. The game is smooth almost all the time there is just that two times when the text wasn't playing and have to click twice. Is it just me? That wasn't a significant thing so it's all good.


First of all, Cory is bae.

I loved all the OCs and how each question suited the characteristics of each of the signs, truly wonderful! I'm really into Astrology so to see how it developed was really nice and satisfying.

I made the long quiz and got Cancer at first, which may be understandable since Scorpio it's my third dominant and all and well... Water signs, right? I decided to go for a second run, also with the long quiz, got Capricorn, now that one really was of the hook because I have little to no earth on my chart but still it was so entertaining! 


People who base their lives around astrology, please at least vaccinate your children for the love of god.


Really cute game! I got Pisces, even though I'm an Aquarius, but I had fun nonetheless.


I'm an Aquarius too. :)

I am Cap! So, you almost got it. Also I felt really relatable towards my sign.

Oooooo, I'm a cusp (Capricorn and Aquarius) and it guessed Capricorn, so good on y'all.

I got cancer but am a capricorn lol, honestly the game is the cutest <3 and I really liked the quiz but when I do take these types of quizzes I tend to get cancer aha. The art made the quiz more fun and I loved it!

What a cute concept! I took the long quiz, they gave me Scorpio but I am a Cancer. :)

Both water signs at least!

Homestuck ruined this game for me XDD

i'ma Libra but they guessed that i was a Aquarius 

i loved the music btw  20/20 would play again

yippee ki yay motherfucker  <3


I'm a Libra too but instead they guessed Virgo 

so its cool

This was fun ^^ I'm a Aquarius, but they guessed that i was a Cancer which was half wrong.  I say half since it's not my sun sign, but it is my moon sign :3

i just downloaded this, im so excited since im really into astrology !!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (I should calm down lol)

They got mine right first try and I'm honestly surprised? I'm a Gemini :)

they got my sign right! im a pieces btw

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Lol, I'm a Taurus, but they keep guessing Cancer, even when I change some answers that I could go either way on XD It's pretty fun though!

got mine totally wrong, it guessed scorpio when i'm a sagittarius . 

It actually got mine,i'm surprised haha! Either i'm a really stereotypical Sag or this quiz is psychic.

I like this game sooo much! I also liked that they thought I was a Scorpio, but i'm a Pisces. Though my rising sign is Scorpio. lol

I totally get why they didnt get it lol :'D I'm a shy introvert who would rather read a book then go out, but somehow I'm a leo :'D

eyy me too ;v;

okay so straight up i thought it wasnt going to get it but uh?? it?? actually?? worked?? (aquarius here), great job on it! i didnt expect much coming in, but im actually impressed!

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