What's Your Sign is a Visual Novel/Dating sim, with an out of this world twist. This however! Is just a taste for the full game later to come.

In this teaser story, the 12 signs of the Zodiac need your help. But not before getting to know you a little first! This game is a personality quiz where they try to guess...

What's Your Sign?

With the option of a short or long quiz (12 or 24 questions), there's lots of replayability with the various responses you'll get. Get to know all of your astrological faves before you begin your magical adventure together!





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I really like this game even if it gave me the wrong answer twice. It gave me Libra and Pisces and I'm an Aries, but I love the characters and the art!

Your game is so cuuuute!!! I love it, thanks for the hard work, I'm so excited for the full game. I'll patiently wait here hehe ♥♥♥

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Okay, first of all?? I loved that. I LITERALLY CANT WAIT TILL THE STORY IS HERE. id play it. uGh it just- so good. it was something about how uniquely special you made them. they didn't even get my sign right (im a leo, they guessed aquarius) and these characters..... just...wow

this almost made me cry!! how typically Pisces of me, haha. I am SO glad you enjoyed it though, I'm currently working on a Full Demo which is currently resting around 80k+ words (WOWIE) so in the future you can look forward to something a little more meaty. Thank you so much, this made my whole day. <3 How funny they guessed your sister sign!!

Haha~~ I really enjoyed the game even if it game me the wronge answer twice, Taurus and Cancer when I'm a Pisces. I really like the art and all the characters are so charming I will defiently give it a third go to see if they can guess it right. ;)

ahhhh heck...i'm gonna need to do some tweaking haha!! well, i'm glad you still enjoyed it!! perhaps the updated version will be able to pin you down, you slippery Pisces!!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! It got it right!! i am a virgo, as it guessed, and as you can probably see from my user name... this was awesome!!

it got it!! victory!! ahhh, I'm so glad. virgos are so good :- )

This was great! Good job. I had a lot of fun. It got my sign wrong, giving me Cancer when I'm a Pisces but it was still fun to answer the questions and really think about myself. The art was great too, the expressions were great! I like Piper is my favorite, she's so small and cute!

This is....one of my favorite comments. Piper IS small and cute, this makes me so happy!! thank you so much, sorry for such a delayed reply ahhh!! 

This is a fun way of taking personality quiz based on zodiac (although the guess doesn't come quite to my sign, they told me I am Aquarius but I am a Gemini xD  may be more detailed questions to each zodiac's trait will prop it? Or their guess actually is the sign of MC's future partner in this tale ?? O.o ). Nevertheless, I'll wait for the further story :)

Such a sweet comment, thank you!! the questions and vales are absolutely something I'd like to tweak...and probably will shortly. You're in luck also! I've just finished writing the script for the official demo...and it's about 80k words long. Oof! I'll try not to keep you waiting long, haha!

I'm glad it at least got another Air sign!! but yes, there are some tweaks that need to (and will be!!) made in another release. I really like the idea of them guessing who will end up with the MC....that's actually really cute ;v;

thank you so much for your kind words and feedback. a second demo is in the works!!

Aww, the pleasure is mine to come by your vn and that part of my comment could help or inspire you ^^

And so glad to hear we will get another glimpse of the work (>w<)/

It is pretty cool when you can tell which sign is which, I could only tell Capicorn and Scorpio.

I wanted it to be a teeny bit of a guessing game...but also I cheated a little bit! The signs ask their questions in their order on the zodiac wheel, hehe~

So cute! I loved it and the character designs are adorable!

I'm so trilled to hear that, thank you so much!! a lot of love has gone into it, that for sure, haha!!

this is hella cute <3

ahhhhhh, ty!! ♡

You are so welcome

Keep it up buddy you did a wonderful job on the game :)

This game is super cute. Excited for the full game, even though I apparently came off as a Capricorn haha

That's awfully kind of you to say!! Sorry to admit, it's not super accurate, but I'm glad you've been enjoying it all the same. We hope to have a new demo out in the next few months, which will more resemble the actual game.

This is a very lovely game so far - I can't wait to play the full release, the characters are so cute and nice, and the art is really pretty!

And they got my sign right!

Such a wonderful comment, thank you so much!! I'm so so glad you enjoyed this, AND that they got it right!! Oh boy!! I know you left your comment a while ago, but it's still very kind. We're working on a new demo which will be more in line with the actual game, and it'll hopefully be out in the next couple months. Hooray!!