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I got Cancer but I am a Capricorn (I mean Cancer the sign)


I'm a Pisces but I got Scorpio Lmao lol -0-


oh xD I got libra and imlibra lmao


i got a taurus, im an aquarius loll good game tho

Same, but in reverse :)

I got cancer but i'm a pisces hehe :]

i got libra, im a aquarius


i got taurus, i'm a aquarius :D

i got virgo, im a aquarius 


I got Cancer...... I'm a Leo XD

im a leo and i got pieces

I got an Aquarius... I'm a sag...  h o w?


aww. they thought i was an aqaurius...

im a taurusssss.s..sasdjasuhdjaksd

They got it right! I'm a cancer :P

i dont like this i look up what i was it said pices but im feb 12 in beetween jan 20 and feb 18 so tech yes and now im creeped out

They said i'm cancer 20 - 21 forgot month T﹏T 

i'm a aries, 4/6 ^O^

They guessed that I was a Virgo. I'm an Aquarius hahaha but this was really fun! 

I loved the chill vibe of this game, as well as the characters. I'm interested to see more of them in the full game! ♥


BRO they guessed i'm an Aquarius and i'm a Virgo! Our's are just flipped lmao




they said i was a virgo, im an aquarius

Lolol they thought I was a Taurus uwu



I'm a Scorpio uwu

Fun game though! I look forward to the full game, and to interacting more with these great characters c:

Dang! Said I was a pieces, march 20, but my birthday is actually on April 21. Kinda close though! I also love all of the characters designs, which let you kind of guess which one they are!

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Ok, so I'm Aquarius. I'll edit this post and see how correct the quiz was.

Edit: They didn't get it, but I got Scorpio, and I really like the Scorpio character.


So apparently I'm a Scorpio. Huh. I mean... scorpions are wicked cool. Cooler than a cow with horns so hey, I am now a Scorpio.

So close, March 21st,a day after my birthday

They actually guessed right! Pisces! 

They got me right. I guess I'm 100% Cancer then!

I squealed when my results popped up.

I thought I was a Libra (I got Libra) but the month was wrong...what am I...
Amazing game!! love it!

Got Virgo, but the was my rising sign. Mine main sign is gemini <3 and Love this game !

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If anyone's wondering

Reese: Aries

Tammie: Taurus 

Casper: Gemini

Andy: Cancer

Leo: Leo

Virgo: Gil

Libby: Libra

Cory: Scorpio

Sidd: Sagittarius

Rhiannon: Capricorn

Russ: Aquarius

Piper: Pisces


The first character to pop up was reese, which scared me because MY NAME IS REESE.

I'm an Aquarius, but they guessed Pisces. I mean, my birthday is pretty close to Pisces so, I think they got it!


They guessed Aquarius, and I am. Its a pretty cute quiz.


Huh, Capricorn. I'm a Scorpio but tbh I don't know much about Capricorn so idk how much it suits me haha

Hey, same result, same sign


Maybe there's a conspiracy to be made here!

This was very cute! I love the art style!! They guesses Cancer for me, but I'm an Aquarius ♒. Definitely going to try again to see if they guess correctly 😊

Absolutely loved it! A nice chuckle. They guessed me spot on too!

This was so cute! They guesses Gemini for me, but I think that's my ascendant/rising sign, so maybe they're right partially. My sun sign-or real sign, I guess- is a Taurus. I love Piper the most.


they guessed I was a Scorpio i am an Aquarius, my best friend a Scorpio tho.... so is my ex.......... maybe they rubbed off on me a little?

I loved this! They are so freakin adorable. Rhiannon is my personal favorite but Leo is also a lil bean :0000. The responses can get a bit delayed, but that's probably my end (my iMac is considered old according to the ever-changing internet :P) The signs gave me Cancer, which is partly true as it is my Mercury. Had a lot of fun, and I cannot wait until the full thing comes out!


Interesting for sure. They got the right element at least 😂 I'm a scorpio, but they said cancer.


hi, um, this game was really wholesome, cozy, and well done. thank you for this. i was left wanting more and the characters made me feel less alone during social distancing and this whole pandemic... :')

(i'm a scorpio and it guessed me as a cancer which is incorrect but i'm surrounded by a lot of cancers and have lots of times where i am very characteristically similar to cancers) 


I'm a scorpio too and they guess me as a cancer too! At least they got the element? 

haha yeah i guess ;P Honestly I'm not complaining! I loved everything about this no matter the fact that they got my sign wrong.

Got me right, and I spent way too much time working out who was which sign. Still not sure on some.

me b/c of reese:

do youuuu like to fantasize about cute fictional guys, do you like to sob your tears when you realize they aren't real, do you fall in love with them 'cause there's no one else alive that compares to fictional guysssss-

seriously tho i love reese tho hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-


This was pretty fun to play, it even got my zodiac sign correctly which was Capricorn uwu


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